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Our customers know the process of bread making and they do everything to be the best at it. We know our customers very well and provide them with everything they need to be the best.

Nowadays, the bakery market is very demanding. Bakeries must attract customers not only with a unique and broad offer but also with the highest quality. For many of them it is a great challenge but also a great opportunity. Customers pay more attention to the quality and originality of bread and often seek well-known branded products, because, just as in any other retail sector, people are more willing to buy branded products which they can trust.

Jogging® Rolls and our other products are such branded goods which guarantee the highest quality and are highly regarded on the market. By offering such products, we support our partners in expanding their offer with high quality products and we guarantee production stability and greater efficiency. Our experience and successes are invaluable knowledge which we are willing to share with you every day.


Classic Quality

With the development of the bakery industry, the price no longer determines customer choice. Customers more often pay attention to product quality and the hygiene of its production process. For Uldo, quality and hygiene are fundamental and top priority values.

We succeed due to the highest quality standards maintained at each stage of the production cycle thanks to the implementation of the IFS Food version 6 and ISO 20000 systems. Since our goal is to continuously improve quality, we constantly invest in it and unquestioningly obey even the strictest health and safety rules. We have followed this approach since the inception of our company, which made us experts in the production of the highest quality baking agents and materials.  

By investing in quality, we also invest in the development of our products. We use specialist research methods employing the latest developments in nanotechnology, so that nothing is left to chance. The result the highest quality bakery products, consumer safety, thousands of satisfied customers.

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